Cloud on your radar but not sure how to get there?

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So you’re looking at moving to cloud. Are you seeking:

  • Reduced risk to your business?
  • Fast response to changing business demands?
  • Agility to maintain your workloads through dynamic cloud landscapes?
  • Cost optimisation and operational efficiencies?
  • Simplistic and effective High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions for your business-critical workloads?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then you’ve come to the right article. When it comes to cloud, we know almost anything is possible. But how do you know you need it? The simple answer is: you probably do, and it’s a case of if not now, then one day soon.

That’s where we come in. We operate and manage the world’s leading cloud platforms so you can stay ahead of the curve now and in the future. With cloud, you’ll directly benefit from the scale, security, and expert skill sets available via a managed platform: unlocking true cloud value to bolster your tangible business outcomes.

We deliver the tools, skills, and processes to support you in managing your cloud with highly automated and scalable managed solutions for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and cloud-native environments.

We offer a range of end-to-end cloud and cloud services, including:

  • Cloud discovery, analysis and strategy
  • Cloud migration, design and execution
  • Advanced 24×7 monitoring via BlueDiamond and performance analytics through our data driven insights tool, Primesize
  • Continual, proactive cost management and optimisation

We’re here for every stage of your cloud journey (and beyond).

Our cloud infrastructure capability offers IaaS which encompasses compute, storage and networking resources management in the cloud. Our local Infrastructure team have experience in a range of cloud based tools to assist with achieving any requirements in the IaaS space.

Through our Operating System Support service, which reduces the risk of cloud performance disruptions, we provide monitoring, patching, scaling, troubleshooting, data analytics and anti-virus updates. We also offer ongoing cloud cost analysis based on usage to keep track of your cloud usage costs.

On-premise data center to cloud migration is our specialty. We can accompany you through the complete migration project and take the worry out of the complex task of migrating your full stack compute services regardless if it’s to Hybrid, On Premise to Public or Public to Public.

With our long withstanding technology partnerships including AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud and Oracle, we provide cloud solutions across all leading technologies. This means you’ll have the freedom of choice to design your cloud future with our customised services aligned to your business objectives and drivers.

We also simplify cloud adoption and accelerate digital transformation for state government and agencies by providing a centralised approach for them to purchase cloud services or third-party management of such services.

Let us help you navigate, operate, and manage your cloud environment. Click here for more information, or contact our team to discuss your journey with cloud, no matter what stage you’re at.


About Blue Crystal Solutions

South Australian owned and operated, we provide information technology services locally, nationally and beyond.

We are a specialised supplier of Cloud, Application, Database & Infrastructure/Operating System Management, Modernisation and Transformation services.

A Microsoft Gold Partner, Oracle Gold Partner, AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and a Telstra and DXC Partner, we continually work with like-minded organisations to ensure our clients meet their goals.

Since 2004, we have delivered innovative solutions to clients across all industries and all levels of government.

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Efficient database management is not just about storing and retrieving information; it's a strategic asset that, when harnessed correctly, can propel an organisation towards sustainable growth.

For those of you in Adelaide who were unable to experience AWS re:Invent Event held in Las Vegas this year, we’re bringing the event to you in Adelaide as an offical sponsor.

In the evolving world of technology, organisations, from large businesses to national government bodies, seek partners that provide reliable and innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and productivity. A standout in this sphere, Blue Crystal Solutions, headquartered in Adelaide with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth, offers precisely such expertise. Here’s how they stand tall in cloud consulting and beyond.

Blue Crystal Solutions: your trusted & innovative IT partner.

Australian owned and operated since 2004, we provide information technology services locally, nationally and beyond.

We are a specialised supplier of Cloud, Application, Database & Infrastructure, Operating System Management, Modernisation and Transformation services. With security at the forefront of everything we do, all your services are fortified by our integrated outage protection  and monitoring tool, BlueDiamond

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