PrimeSize will provide you with insights and knowledge to make informed decisions to succeed with your data transformation.


Optimise Licensing Footprint






Ongoing Insights and Recommendations





Avoid Costly Uninformed Decisions






Identity Resource Usage & Improvements


PrimeSize gathers statistical data across your environments and presents it via a comprehensive dashboard visualisation. It delivers accurate data-driven insights which can enable a successful transformation to a future state, whether it be on-premise, cloud or hybrid.

Our data-driven tool identifies how your system resources are being used through clear and meaningful graphs, identifying opportunities to improve efficiency. It can assist in preventing costly decisions due to lack of insight. Your licensing footprint is also reviewed and where possible optimised.

PrimeSize empowers you with the knowledge to succeed with your data transformation.

Customer Testimonial – Catholic Education South Australia

Catholic Education of South Australia (CESA) utilized PrimeSize to provide an environment review of their databases. CESA were able to identify IT resources that could be optimised, this enabled them to reduce the cost of operations and position themselves for a long term cloud strategy.

BCS have been working with CESA for over 10 years, in that time improvements have been made to ensure availability of systems that support over 45,000 students and 6,000 staff. Future proofing of databases and the implementation of a disaster recovery capability.