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Preventor of services outages. Provider of continous, world-class management of your services. 24x7 monitoring.

Our 24x7 monitoring tool, bluediamondᶟ, is an all in one proactive monitoring service for your cloud, databases, applications, and infrastructure, providing you with peace of mind that your mission critical environments are being carefully managed.

Innovative technology that's nationally recognised.

The iAwards unearth, recognise and reward excellence in Australian innovation that is making a difference and has the potential to create positive change for the community.

We’re pleased to announce that our BlueDiamond achieved a finalist status in the 2023 Australian Industry Information Association (AIIA) State Awards. The AIIA is a peak representative body and advocacy group for the IT and Digital Community.

BlueDiamond iAwards Finalist

How BlueDiamond's 24x7 monitoring works

BlueDiamond logo

bluediamondᶟ collects environment metrics and logs for your cloud, databases, applications and infrastructure.


Your environment is constantly monitored for events and issues with information available to our support team via a web portal, allowing drill down from alerts into specific related data.


If an error is identified, our team is alerted 24/7 and then work together with stakeholders to remediate & minimise disruption.


Additional alerting out of hours via SMS and automatic escalation for P1 & P2 incidents also occur to minimise disruption.

The New BlueDiamond has landed.

In 2023, we proudly launched the next iteration of our BlueDiamond monitoring tool: BlueDiamond3.

What to expect? More. We have now integrated alerts from Zabbix (for network and infrastructure monitoring), AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor and Oracle Cloud for each cloud ecosystem.

For our clients, this means they receive peace of mind that their mission-critical environments are being carefully managed, eliminating the risk of service outages and the endless benefits proactivity brings. It also highlights our commitment to adapting to the changing needs to our clients, the market and our high standards of service delivery.

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Understand what our services can bring to your organisation and more. 

With the Australian Government’s ambition to transform into one of the world’s top three digital governments by 2025, IT infrastructure, operations and cloud are critical in providing the foundation by helping to scale digital initiatives throughout their enterprise and enable platform-led agility.

This article explores the process of achieving CIS Level 1 hardening for SUSE Linux 15 and Oracle Linux 8, despite the absence of ready-made CIS-hardened images.

We’ve proud to announce that we’ve been selected as one of the top five local companies to be identified as having the greatest potential to impact world markets.

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