Discover Our Journey: The Evolution of Blue Crystal Solutions

Shaping Blue Crystal Solutions' Destiny

Since day one, we’ve meticulously crafted our trajectory to provide leading IT solutions. From humble beginnings in Oracle database management to becoming a flagbearer in the IT industry for AWS, Google, Microsoft, and PowerHealth technologies, we’ve also embarked on a journey that tells a story of commitment, innovation, and service excellence. Our company was born from the vision that small actions could create ripples of change across the IT landscape, connecting continents and transforming businesses. And this vision has never wavered; it has only actualised.

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I live by the motto: never give up, never stop trying, and never let someone tell you you can't go for your dream. The IT industry is one of those industries where you can throw a stone in the beaches of Adelaide and cause a tidal wave in Japan; there is no other industry that can do that. 20 years ago, with that motto embedded in my DNA, BCS was founded.

The Blue Crystal Solutions Story

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The Birth of Blue Crystal Solutions

Our journey began in 2004, when Vito, our founder, channeling his ethos “Never Give Up,” established Blue Crystal from his loungeroom. With a vision to pioneer unrivalled IT services, we planted the seeds for growth and innovation.

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2008 - 2010
Team expands rapdily

Just four years later, we achieved our first significant growth milestone. Our family expanded to ten dedicated professionals, signifying the beginning of something extraordinary. As we embraced new challenges and opportunities, 2010 marked the year we moved into our HQ at Hindmarsh Square.

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The Inception of BlueDiamond Tool

In 2012, we launched our BlueDiamond tool, a proprietary piece of technology. This tool signalled our commitment to providing bespoke Managed Services, revolutionising how we addressed our clients’ needs.


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Melbourne Bound

Two years later, we expanded our horizons and established a presence in Melbourne, bringing our unique blend of services to a whole new market. 

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Introducing Primesize Technology

Our passion for innovation yielded another fruit, Primesize Technology, invented in 2017 to optimise and streamline IT management processes with it’s data insights capability. 

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Cloud Technology: A Leap into the Future

In 2018, embracing the potential of cloud computing, we became early adopters of cloud technologies, including OCI and Azure, cementing our reputation as a forward-thinking Managed Service Provider.

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BlueDiamond2 Launches

Keeping pace with technological advancements, we released Blue Diamond version 2, which offered enhanced features and a more robust, user-centric design. 2021 was the year we coined our new tagline: “Your trusted & innovative IT partner.” This tagline encapsulates our dedication to being more than a provider, but a partner in our clients’ growth. 


Blue Crystal Solutions - Expansion

Nationwide expansion, with a 50+ Strong Team

By 2022, our team had surpassed 50 professionals, and we extended our reach to Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney–further solidifying our commitment to delivering excellence nationwide.

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BlueDiamond3 Launches

BlueDiamond3 brings monitoring to a whole new level.  Our continuous integration of AWS CloudWatch alerts within Blue Diamond3 provides a new dimension of real-time monitoring for our clients. 

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Secure, Smarter & Safer Solutions

With security always having been at the forefront of everything we do, this year is all about enabling more secure, smarter and safer solutions for our customers. 

What does that look like? Cloud monitoring capabilities, and the birth of BCS IQ, our expert cloud services approach. As we continue to grow, now with 60+ devoted staff members our mission remains steadfast: to maximise your business performance with innovation, passion, and our personal approach. This mission echoes in our every action and fuels the solutions we deliver.

Embracing Blue Crystal Solution’s core values of Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation, and Responsibility, we’ve fostered a culture that engenders loyalty and satisfaction. This sentiment is evidenced by our “Excellent” rated Net Promotor Score of +67.

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Commitment to Our Mission and Values

At Blue Crystal Solutions, we believe that our success is measured not only by the milestones we’ve reached but also by the trust and satisfaction of our clients. We extend beyond just providing Managed Services for Government or Commercial entities; we strive to build partnerships that nurture growth, driven by our solid foundation in cloud IT services.

Innovation at Blue Crystal Solutions is paired with a deep understanding of our customers’ goals. Whether it’s consulting services, cloud migrations, or managed services, we empower your organisation by offering solutions tailored to maximise security, efficiency, productivity, and growth.

This is our legacy – a story still being written. Join us as we continue to forge a path marked by progress, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Blue Crystal Solutions is more than just your IT provider; we are your partner in realising the full potential of your business aspirations.

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