Our premier monitoring solution has been re-designed to take advantage of up to date technologies and design principles. It gives you peace of mind, providing around the clock monitoring, alerting, and reporting for your critical systems.


bluediamondᶟ premier monitoring has been created to enhance our managed service offering and provide you with certainty that your mission critical environments are being carefully managed. The newly released version of bluediamondᶟ has been tailor-made to ensure your environments, applications and/or databases are being managed efficiently by our team of experienced professionals, and areas for improvement are identified and flagged.

bluediamondᶟ capabilities:
  • All in one monitoring for your databases, applications, and infrastructure
  • 24/7 data and log monitoring
  • Problem and incident recognition
  • Improved trend analysis, monitoring and proactive alerting
  • Fully scalable and customisable
  • Ability to easily add and configure monitoring of new technologies and components
Benefits for you:
  • Customisable email notifications for events that matter to you
  • Identify issues before they affect your operations
  • Modern application security means your data is more secure than ever
  • Helps drive optimal performance
How does bluediamondᶟ work?

bluediamondᶟ collects environment metrics and logs for your databases, applications, and infrastructure. Your environment is constantly being monitored for events and issues and all information is available to our support team via a web portal, allowing drill down from alerts into specific related data. Once an error is identified our team are alerted and we work together with appropriate stakeholders to remediate and minimise disruptions. Out of hours SMS and automatic escalation for P1 & P2 incidents also occur to minimise business disruption.