BlueDiamond Monitoring

Blue Crystal Solutions’ 21st century database/application automated monitoring tool

BlueDiamond is the tool that empowers Blue Crystal Solution’s team to make your business increasingly efficient and effective. The automated tool can substantially lower the costs of managing your systems as it requires very minimum supervision, and therefore allows our team to step in only when needed. BlueDiamond has been designed to deliver continuous day and night proactive, comprehensive, cost effective and efficient system monitoring and reporting.

How does BlueDiamond benefit our customers?

We have a team of highly skilled professionals ready to react instantly to any problems BlueDiamond recognizes within your system. Once there is a potential problem identified, BlueDiamond notifies Blue Crystal staff and potentially the customer via email or SMS to generate an immediate response and often enable proactive action to be taken. BlueDiamond gives you the confidence that your system is being carefully and continuously monitored.



BlueDiamond is a proactive system monitoring application developed by BCS.  It has been specifically designed to deliver comprehensive, cost efficient system monitoring and reporting.  Manage your systems strategically, get ahead of the curve and drive system improvements:

  • Performance – maximise response times, tuning, monitoring
  • Availability – maximise uptime
  • Capacity – effectively manage growth
  • 24×7 coverage
  • Cost effective– minimise administrative overhead spent on reactive system support
  • Supported – BlueDiamond includes scheduled system checks and analysis from our highly experienced technical experts
  • Schedule reporting – automated reports are delivered detailing information relating to critical system components