Using innovation, AI and Machine Learning to maximise our client’s potential

Innovative digital services, curve altering business ideas through AI/ML-led experiences are becoming more and more prevalent in IT solutions.

And this is exactly where BCS are focusing. We’ve opened our thinking around how we can drive thought leadership, disruption and rethinking around how we can take our client’s business performance to the next level.

We’re only at the beginning, but we’re rapidly putting this concept into action. Led by our Innovation Manager Darren Adams, Darren has been running monthly forums that invite ideas from staff and stakeholder around internal process improvement, opportunities for new or improved service offerings for our customers and igniting discussions around emerging tech and tools. These ideas are then taken from idea to concept, to client pitch and finally delivery.

With more than 25 years of IT experience working for large and small companies in both the public and private sectors, Darren has a broad range of experience across many industries with a deep passion for trends in technology.

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