Public, Private, Hybrid: Your choice of Cloud Environments explained

Private, public, and hybrid clouds are different ways of deploying infrastructure and applications in a cloud computing model.

Public clouds are services owned and operated by a third party and are the most common type of cloud. All hardware, and supporting infrastructure is managed and owned by the cloud service provider. With public clouds, advantages include lower costs; no need for hardware/software of your own; zero maintenance costs; unlimited scalability; high reliability and resource flexibility.

A private cloud considers cloud computing resources solely used by one organisation. The infrastructure can be hosted by a third-party provider or physically located within the respective organisations data centre. A Private cloud service and infrastructure is always maintained on a private network, with the corresponding hardware and software dedicated solely to one organisation. Private clouds provide more flexibility in their cloud environment to meet specific needs such as more control and privacy.

Hybrid clouds combine both models. Hybrid clouds allow for the control of a private cloud with on premises infrastructure and the flexibility of the additional resources available in the public cloud when needed, all while being cost effective.

Any of these cloud options can meet sovereignty and regulatory requirements.

Which one is right for your organisation?

While smaller businesses in unregulated industries tend toward the cost advantages of public cloud, larger organizations frequently run more than one type. Each kind of cloud has its appropriate time and place. Ultimately it all depends on your resources and use cases.

That’s why it’s important to get the right assessment by the right people. At Blue Crystal Solutions, we offer cloud planning, transition and management services for the adoption of digital technologies and provide partial or complete management of your cloud resources and infrastructure. In our experience, it is unlikely that “one solution fits all”. That’s why we work closely with you and your organisation to understand your environment and recommend a solution without the proprietary constraints.

With our long withstanding technology partnerships including AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud and Oracle, we provide cloud solutions across all leading technologies. This means you’ll have the freedom of choice to design your cloud future with our customised services aligned to your business objectives and drivers.

Let us help you navigate, operate, and manage your cloud environment. Click here for more information, or contact our team to discuss your journey with cloud, no matter what stage you’re at.

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