About Blue Crystal Solutions

Meet your local, trusted & innovative IT Partner.​


Australian-owned & operated, we are a specialised supplier of Cloud, Application, Infrastructure and Database Management services across leading providers, including Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We understand the problems that companies face in a rapidly changing IT environment. Whether you need an expert to fill a gap so you can focus your internal resources in more strategic areas, the peace of mind of managed services or you just need an advisor to discuss the best solution for your business, we’re here for you.

We thrive on helping organisations succeed by giving our customers an edge that improves their business performance. We do this with passion, pushing the limits and inspiring each other to deliver extraordinary outcomes. Our personal approach ensures strong and lasting relationships enabling an intimate understanding of customer’s business goals.

Your success is our success.

We believe every organisation can thrive in today’s digital world with the right people guiding them. And it’s through our people that we can enable this to happen. Our mission is to maximise your business performance through an innovative, passionate and personalised approach to your business challenges. 

Established in 2004

3 Major Technology Partners

55+ contracts actively in management

Excellent Customer Satisfaction NPS +67

1,000’s of databases, servers, applications under support

60+ staff in 5 locations across Australia

Our technology partner ecosystem

Right tools, right people.

We’ve always partnered with the best technology leaders in the IT sector to ensure you have a handcrafted IT ecosystem that empowers your business and people to deliver the best customer outcomes. 

"Our philosophy is to provide highly available, flexible, secure and cost-effective solutions that meet evolving business needs"

Vito Rinaldi, Managing Director

Owned and operated since 2004 by our South Australian Managing Director, Vito Rinaldi, our offices are located across Australia – Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney – meaning our team are local and always will be. 

Vito Rinaldi MD

Our history. Our technology evolution.

From Database Adminstrators to Cloud, Applications and Infrastructure Experts.

Our Values​

We are led by values, not rules.

We follow the rules, but our values, embedded in our personal approach, truly drive us to achieve service excellence for our clients. As a result, we enjoy strong and lasting relationships with our clients, as their success is how we merit our success, so our skin is always in the game.

Our combined success is underpinned by our belief in our customers, team, and values. Our values: Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation and Responsibility run deep throughout our core and culture and are our guiding principles of practice. 


Make things better.

To us this means...

Fostering a successful team with clear communication, mutual respect, ownership of responsibilities, and supportive collaboration.


We're in it, together.

To us this means...

Embrace curiosity, courage, and desire to continuously improve and innovate in all aspects, taking risks and learning from failures to make a positive impact.


Love what you do.

To us this means...

We are committed to excellence in performance, respecting and understanding the impact of our actions, and building trust by consistently following through on our promises to our customers, team, and community.


Making good choices.

To us this means...

Effective leaders foster open communication, build trust by empowering others, maintain calm under pressure, and ensure a safe, supportive work environment where everyone understands their role in the big picture.

We work differently, together.

Lean and Flat. Collaborative Teams.

Our flat, flexible, and dynamic structure allows teams to be organized around strategic objectives rather than by position or department. The Collaborative Teams approach means we aren’t siloed to our departments. We operate as a network of teams that collaborate—we trust each other and have a shared purpose—and every member is empowered to ideate, execute, and succeed. 

What our clients say

"We’ve really appreciated the depth of knowledge and communication with Blue Crystal around migrating and incrementally improving our sustainability in AWS."
Digital Program Manager
Australian Federal Government
"We wanted to work with a local company with the expertise and knowledge to do this. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel and do this ourselves. We mitigated risk using Blue Crystal Solutions’ AWS & Oralce expertise."
Simon Chapman
Assistant Director, Digital Architecture & Operations
"Some CIOs consider cloud migration a risk. Preferring to keep working within the costly and restrictive parameters of the on-premise data centre rather than making the leap to cloud. Not to move to AWS Cloud is a far greater risk."
Tim Hume
Chief Information & Digital Officer
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