What Does Blue Crystal Solutions Do?

In the modern digital era, the vast world of technology constantly evolves, presenting challenges and opportunities.

At the heart of this progression lies Blue Crystal Solutions, Adelaide’s leading light in providing expertise in AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft and Oracle technologies.

“Our Client’s success is our success. Our shared goals ensure we maximise your business performance with game changing innovation, unwavering passion and commitment, which is all part of our personal approach.”

We harness the essence of innovation and expertise to fuel the aspirations of enterprises, including prominent government bodies and large businesses.

Dive deeper into our services to maximise your business potential.

Benefits of Blue Crystal Solutions

Navigating the complexities of cloud can seem daunting. But, with our seasoned expertise, we simplify, innovate, and elevate.

Through Blue Diamond, our award-winning platform, we actively monitor and respond to to protect your IT environments. Unsurprisingly, we’ve achieved an NPS score of +79, affirming our stature as industry leaders.

Key Features


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Say goodbye to service outages and hello to your insurance policy for data availability.

Our bluediamondᶟ tool is an all in one monitoring service for your databases, applications, cloud and infrastructure, providing you with peace of mind that your mission critical environments are being carefully managed.

Excellence in Cloud Services

With a rich heritage from 2004, we have consistently manifested our commitment to excellence through cloud consulting, database solutions, migration services, and cloud infrastructure.

As a proud partner for AWS, Microsoft and Oracle, we boast a broad spectrum of managed services tailored for cloud, database, infrastructure and applications support and application modernisation, among others. 

Navigating the vast world of IT can be a daunting task

However, with Blue Crystal Solutions, you’re not just gaining a service provider; you’re partnering with an industry stalwart that understands the nuances of your business.

Our deep-rooted commitment to excellence, showcased by our impressive NPS score and award-winning platform, ensures that every partnership we forge is built on trust, innovation, and mutual growth.


We invite you to explore Blue Crystal Solutions further and discover how our expertise can be the catalyst for your organisation’s success.

Reach out for a customised cloud strategy consultation.

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Understand what our services can bring to your organisation and more. 

Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) utilized Primesize to provide an environment review of their databases. CESA were able to identify IT resources that could be optimised; this enabled them to reduce the cost of operations and position themselves for a long term cloud strategy. Learn more about their experience with BCS, featuring Phil Proctor, CIO, CESA.

Hill Smith Family Estate (formely Yalumba), is one of Australia's most historic family-owned winery, was facing the challenge that their enterprise software solution was exclusively on-premise.

Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) have been working with Blue Crystal Solutions in a variety of ways for over 15 years, with initial engagement surrounding the management of the on-premises databases. Previously, CESA’s data moved from disk to tape. This tape was stored in large tape libraries which required the development and maintenance of database robots. When a specific tape needed to be checked, replaced, or moved, the tape robot would find and retrieve the specific tape from the library.

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