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Harness the power of cloud, and the peace of mind of a fully managed cloud service.

The business benefits of cloud are truly endless. In our experience, it is unlikely that “one solution fits all”, as specific workloads may be better suited for on-premises environments due to security or compliance requirements. We work closely with you and your organisation to understand your environment and recommend the right cloud solution without proprietary constraints.

Our cloud expertise lies deep within Azure, AWS, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) technology and our end-to-end services can take you from initial strategy and planning to implementation, migration and Cloud FinOps. 

Once you’re in the cloud, we can help you focus on innovation, not maintenance, with a fully managed cloud environment. 

Security is (y)our top priority.

With security at the forefront of everything we do, we can work with your cyber teams to improve your security posture significantly. Whether it’s delivering to cyber recommendations or providing an audit of your current risks that helps you understand your security and resilience, we can help you protect what matters most to your organisation.

You can also rest assured that all your services with us are protected from event and service outages by our 24×7 monitoring tool, BlueDiamond

Security Shield

Expert Cloud and Cloud Managed Services


Strategy & Planning

Using our knowledge, experience, and our insights tool Primesize, we work with you to confidently determine your:

  • Cloud readiness 
  • Cloud strategy
  • Business case
  • Operating model
  • Roadmap
  • Ecosystem of partnerships

Once a target architecture and migration plan is developed, we work together to execute it.


Migration to Cloud

Whether it’s Hybrid, On Premise to Public or Public to Public, we help you execute a seamless migration and modernisation to Cloud that is, fit for purpose, secure, cost-effective, and agile.


Performance & Optimisation

We provide end-to-end visibility that monitors and maximize environment productivity, reduce costs, performance testing and tuning. Using a program of Well Architected Reviews, we regularly optimise your cloud environment to maximise performance and minimise your cloud costs which can include savings plans for 1 – 3 yrs. 

Our technology partners make us experts in optimising Oracle, AWS and Microsoft licence usage.


Cloud Management

Fortified by our 24×7 proactive monitoring and reporting tool, we offer:

  • cloud security
  • Cloud Economics/FinOps
  • back ups
  • recovery, consolidation, upgrades
  • patch management, storage
  • network operations
  • vendor management and more. 

Through our insights tool, we regularly optimise your cloud performance to minimise your cloud costs.

Public Sector Cloud strategies maturing, & here's what we know.

Our Operating System Support Services

Benefit from the power of our cloud infrastructure expertise with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), enabling seamless management of compute, storage, and networking resources.

Our team leverages a diverse range of cloud-based tools to meet your specific IaaS needs and ensure uninterrupted cloud performance. Additionally, your budget will benefit from our ongoing cloud cost analysis, ensuring transparent management of your cloud expenses.

Whether Hybrid, On-Premise to Public, or Public to Public, we’ll guide you through the entire migration project, simplifying the complex process of moving your full stack compute services.




Cost Analysis

Anti-Virus Updates


BlueDiamond 24x7 monitoring

Say goodbye to service outages and hello to your insurance policy for data availability.

Our bluediamondᶟ tool is an all in one monitoring service for your databases, applications, cloud and infrastructure, providing you with peace of mind that your mission critical environments are being carefully managed.

We're here for all faucets of your cloud journey. Book a discovery call today.

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Understand what our cloud and cloud managed services can bring to your organisation and more. 

In response to VMware's recent announcement on the end of availability for many VMware vSphere editions, Blue Crystal Solutions offers a robust solution to navigate these product discontinuations. With VMware discontinuing a significant list of products and transitioning to subscription services such as VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) or VMware vSphere Foundation (VVF), Blue Crystal Solutions provides expert guidance to help your organisation transition smoothly.

Before digital archives, the nation's scientific data was stored in hard copies, susceptible to destruction. Yet, even with modern cloud storage like AWS, consistent updates and security measures are crucial to safeguard information. Blue Crystal Solutions (Blue Crystal) aided our Australian Federal Government client to securely upgrade and migrate biodiversity data.

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