Blue Crystal Solutions: Oracle Partners since 2004

We have been Oracle Partners since our beginning in 2004. Our history has enabled us to become experts in Oracle technology and the innovations their tools can enable.

Our longevity in the market tells us that technology isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why as an Oracle partner, we always work together to leverage joint solutions for our clients. 

We have been implementing solutions with every Oracle Database release since 10g, as well as with Oracle Middleware and Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS), on-premises and in the cloud.

An Oracle Partner since our beginning, we’ve grown into a specialised supplier of Cloud, Application, Database, Infrastructure and Operating System management, modernisation and transformation services, all fortified by our integrated outage protection tool – BlueDiamond.

Certified Oracle experts, delivering outcome focused technical solutions.

Navigating Oracle technology is in our DNA

Wherever our customers technology roadmap takes them next, we have tech partners like Oracle to lean on and in-house experts to help guide them through any and all technology transitions.


24×7 Support: Australian-based service desk, aligned to ITIL/ITSM standards, all fortified by our outage protection and monitoring tool, BlueDiamond.
Oracle databases: 10g, 11g, 12c, 19c & more
Database hosting and Virtualization: Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, new OLVM, Solaris and x86 based solutions.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): Complete cloud infrastructure & platform services for every workload.
Oracle middleware support, installation & upgrades across versions.
End-to-end database management: Performance Tuning, Data Warehousing, Backup & Recovery, Upgrades, Data ETL Operations.
Database High Availability & database clustering: Oracle RAC (10g,11g,12c and 19c), third party clustering solutions.
Database Continuity/Disaster Recovery: Oracle Data Guard and standby databases, storage-based DR solutions, and other replication based DR solutions.
Migration & configuration projects involving moving on-premise environments into AWS cloud including migrating from Oracle to Postgres.
Automation: Terraform in AWS & Azure – native automation used by Oracle.
Database Security Assessment Comprehensive review of your Databases using the Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT).

Roadmap to cloud: "Will my existing Oracle licenses be enough?"

Building your roadmap to the cloud but needing to understand what to expect? Explore how our data insight services can help you answer the big cloud questions, such as: 

  • “What might it look like?”
  • “What would the cost be?”
  • “Will more licenses be required?”
  • “Will my existing Oracle licenses be enough when they are worth less in AWS or Azure?”

Your first move before your next move should always be to fully understand your current IT footprint. Primesize can help you understand your IT landscape to ensure you make the right decisions, especially when it comes to making the move to the cloud or optimising your current cloud footprint.  

Our Primesize Data Insight Services can create Target Architecture Reports that determines resource requirements, provides advice for the optimum target architecture, and considers license constraints, consolidation opportunities and costs, e.g., On-Premise vs Hyperscale Cloud. This report determines the feasibility of alternative architectures and provides an environment roadmap to the cloud. 

Once you’re in the cloud, we can help you focus on innovation, not maintenance, with a fully managed cloud environment. 

Exadata Experts

Did you know we were one of the firsts to successfully move an Oracle Exadata environment to AWS EC2? Bypassing high I/O requirements and the need for additional licensing. The business benefits to the customer included:

  • Increased operational efficiencies and overall business performance
  • No additional investment in Oracle licensing
  • Reduced migration time through automation.

Our Oracle Certifications

Investing in our team is one of our top priorities. Our specialists have achieved a variety of technical certifications. 

Our team drive the thought leadership behind many technical innovations, which we document and make available to our community.

Our Oracle Certifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Oracle 10g/11g/12c Database Administrator Certified Professionals
  • Oracle Linux Administrator Certified Associate
  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert
  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Master
  • Oracle Certified Specialist 11g Database Security
  • Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2023 Certified Professional
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Certified Foundations Associate
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Certified Architect Associate
  • Oracle Cloud Data Management 2023 Certified Foundations Associate
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Certified Multicloud Architect Associate
  • Postgres 13 Associate

How we use Oracle's Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT)

In the age of data breaches and ever-evolving data protection and privacy regulations, it is more important than ever for organisations to be confident that their databases are secure. However, it can be difficult to know whether the databases are configured correctly, who has access to it, and where sensitive data is stored. As Oracle experts, we leverage the Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT) to help identify areas where your database configuration, operation, or implementation introduces risks. From this we’re able to recommend changes and controls to help you mitigate those risks.

Remote DBA Support, Security, Blue Crystal Solutions

Learn more about what we can do with Oracle Technology below.

Choosing between AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud can be daunting. This comprehensive comparison highlights their key differences in services, pricing, and global reach, helping you make an informed decision for your business.

Ensuring a seamless database migration transition to AWS cloud required the collective capabilities of NEXTGEN Optima and Blue Crystal Solutions to develop a migration strategy to AWS Cloud that would minimise disruption to Macquarie University's campuses, faculty, and hospital.

When our Logistics client required a comprehensive health check and ongoing support for their two critical Oracle databases which supported the JD Edwards Logistics package essential for their distribution function, Blue Crystal Solutions were able to step in and remove the risks of instability, lack of future support, performance issues, non-scalable custom code and more.

Oracle Database 23c delivers the most complete and simple converged database for developers looking to build new microservice, graph, document, and relational applications.

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Join us at AUSOUG 2023 as we explore a very handy feature of Oracle 19c Database: Zero Downtime Oracle Grid Infrastructure and the Read-Only Oracle Home. The event serves as a platform for sharing insights, discussing the latest developments, and networking with peers.

Meet Aisar Sabateen, one of our talented senior Oracle Technical consultants and the host for our Roundtable about "Case Studies of Transformation: Real-World Examples of Modernisation Success Stories" for Public Sector Network Australia ICT Infrastructure & Cloud Roadshow event in Western Australia next month.

Your guide to navigating your cloud adoption or cloud service expansion the right way from our cloud expert, Michael Kubik.

The Oracle 19c Waived-fee Extended Support has been recently extended, giving clients more runway to make crucial decisions about their database systems. The extension, now reaching until April 30, 2026, adds an extra 12 months on top of the previous date, allowing businesses to breathe a little easier before considering the leap to a 23c upgrade

This article explores the process of achieving CIS Level 1 hardening for SUSE Linux 15 and Oracle Linux 8, despite the absence of ready-made CIS-hardened images.

As a PowerHealth partner, we were engaged to help move our Health Client’s PowerBilling & Revenue Collection (PBRC) environment from on-prem to Azure Cloud and conduct an uplift from Oracle 12 to Oracle 19. The organisation is now enjoying all the advantages that comes with cloud.

Oracle TimesTen offers faster response times and high throughput, while Oracle Analytics Server modernizes analytics with AI-powered insights and a user-friendly experience. This technical article focuses on how to upgrade Oracle TimesTen In Memory Database and Oracle Analytics Server and the benefits you can expect.

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