Infrastructure Managed Services

Maintain the reliability of complex IT infrastructures.

With our infrastructure managed services we ensure the reliability of your diverse IT infrastructure and enable its steady evolution while keeping costs down.

Blue Crystal Solutions Infrastructure Managed Services team provides 24/7 management and monitoring of hardware, server, disk & network.

Key services offered include:

Infrastructure Managed Services

Whether you have your infrastructure on premise, in a third-party cloud or hybrid cloud, managing, maintaining and optimising is what we specialise in.

With a great wealth of knowledge and vast range of tools, we ensure your experience and infrastruture is assured.

How we help our clients:

We also support the infrastructure for every stage of your cloud journey with our Cloud Operating System Support Service.

Our cloud infrastructure capability offers IaaS which encompasses compute, storage and networking resources management in the cloud. Our local Infrastructure team have experience in a range of cloud based tools to assist with achieving any requirements in the IaaS space.

Through our Operating System Support service, which reduces the risk of cloud performance disruptions, we provide monitoring, patching, scaling, troubleshooting, data analytics and anti-virus updates. We also offer ongoing cloud cost analysis based on usage to keep track of your cloud usage costs.

On-premise data center to cloud migration is our specialty. We can accompany you through the complete migration project and take the worry out of the complex task of migrating your full stack compute services regardless if it’s to Hybrid, On Premise to Public or Public to Public.

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Case Study

An Oracle to Amazon Web Services Proof of Concept for the telecommunications platform giant.

After managing Isoton’s mission critical database environments for over 10 years. Isoton needed to deploy their telecommunications platform over to a public cloud environment from their existing on premise hardware, BCS were engaged to lead an Oracle to AWS Proof of Concept to provide AWS cost estimates and architectural considerations.