Australian Energy Market Operator

With 100+ Energy Market Applications under our support, we can help yours.

Since 2004, Blue Crystal Solutions has provided “worry-free” managed services for business-critical Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) environments to gas and electricity generators and retailers subject to AEMO regulations.

We have been the trusted partner for organisations relying on our expertise in maintaining the health and stability of their AEMO Market Management System (MMS), Market Information Bulletin Board (MIBB) and Short Term Trading Market (STTM) environments, along with the associated AEMO Participant Data Replication (PDR) application suite.

At the heart of our comprehensive managed services lies bluediamond³, our cutting-edge proprietary application, cloud, and database monitoring system. With its advanced capabilities, bluediamond³ ensures the successful loading of data and safeguards the overall health and functionality of all components within AEMO environments.

We support:

Supporting critical technology for leading energy brands since 2004.

“BCS are very responsive and flexible, and went beyond expectation. Their professional manner and expertise in the industry led to a successful project delivery”.

Louis Pavlou, Project Manager, Energy Australia

AEMO Application Support Service

We can support your business applications across various platforms, technologies and deployments.

In order to carry out day-to-day business functions smoothly, you need your applications to be consistently available and performing at an optimal level. Maintenance and support requires domain experts who can ensure that all your applications are in good health and help you address challenges that arise over time.

BCS’s Application Support service provides a single point of contact for customers requiring technical support, request for service or general assistance for their business applications. This includes business critical and non-critical applications across various platforms, technologies and deployments such as cloud, hybrid and on-premises.

Our support packages include:

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Understand what our application services can bring to your organisation and more. 

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