Business Intelligence

Understand the power of your data and improve business performance.

Does the way your organisation handles data negatively impact business performance and ability to leverage critical business insights? Do you find yourself combining data from several disparate sources and formats because you have no central data repository? Does this lengthen your reporting process and compromise the integrity of your reports?

The ability to gain meaningful insights from your data and present it in a way which reflects your business performance is critical to measuring business success. A key enabler for improved business performance is a centralised data repository providing a single source of truth in a consistent format.

No matter which area of the business you are pulling data from we can consolidate the different data inputs into a single source of truth for your organisation.

Blue Crystal Solutions can provide your business with the ability to create and maintain a real-time, managed and cleansed repository for your data. Our team of Business Intelligence experts can design, implement, maintain and support an end to end business analytics solution for your organisation.

This service comes complete with a fully managed dashboard of your key business insights

Your Business Intelligence solution can also provide additional functionality such as:

  • Scheduled and automated reporting
  • Data search function
  • Automation of business rules and reporting
  • Scalability of data points
  • Governance and increased availability