Meet the Speakers: Aisar Sabateen & Warren Drake

Meet Aisar Sabateen, one of our talented senior Oracle Technical consultants and the host for our Roundtable about "Case Studies of Transformation: Real-World Examples of Modernisation Success Stories" for Public Sector Network Australia ICT Infrastructure & Cloud Roadshow event in Western Australia next month.
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Aisar Sabateen
Aisar Sabateen, Senior Technical Consultant

Aisar Sabateen

Meet Aisar Sabateen, one of our talented Senior Oracle and AWS Technical Consultants and the host for our Roundtable about “Case Studies of Transformation: Real-World Examples of Modernisation Success Stories” for Public Sector Network Australia ICT Infrastructure & Cloud Roadshow event in Western Australia on 17 October 2023.

With a career spanning 20+ years, Aisar has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and operating many critical systems with stringent requirements for High Availability and Business Continuity within limited budgets.

He will bring the technical depth in the role BCS played in some recent Public Sector Projects we delivered, walking through how we worked with these clients to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding outcomes – including Cost Optimisation and moving to the cloud without additional licensing.

Warren Drake
Warren Drake, Head of Customer Experience & Sales

Warren Drake

Join Warren Drake for an insightful discussion on Strategic IT Leadership Into 2024. Together with Cameron Gibbs, Chief Information Officer, Legal Aid WA and Patrick Leach, Executive Director Corporate Services (CIO), Department of Fire and Emergency Services, they will be exploring what emerging requirements to expect, potential challenges to navigate and how to embrace the next phase of opportunity.  

Together they will delve into:

  • The after-effects of the rapid digital upgrade agenda during covid – the implications and requirements for IT infrastructure
  • Sense-checking successful approaches toward IT modernisation – exploring promising initiatives leading into 2024 and continuing to build momentum
  • Exploring how to better help scale digital initiatives throughout the enterprise and enable platform-led agility
  • Developing the ICT Infrastructure workforce required to meet future demands – empowering employees to meet digital/ IT business demands and prioritising future-oriented skills

With a careering spanning 40+ years in managing Customer, Partner and Technology Relationships and Experience, Warren brings their collective mindset, decision drivers and foresight into this exciting panellist line up for the WA Public Sector. 


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So if you work in WA’s Public Sector, we hope to see you there with Aisar SabateenWarren Drake and Suresh Nair

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