Upgrading Oracle TimesTen In-memory Database and Oracle Analytics Server

Written by Sharan Bidnoorkar
Oracle Application Database Administrator


This technical article focuses on upgrading Oracle TimesTen In Memory Database and Oracle Analytics Server. The existing system faces challenges such as database invalidation issues, crashes, and version incompatibility. To overcome these issues and take advantage of the latest features, upgrading to TimesTen version 22.1.x and Oracle Analytics Server version 6.4.0 is recommended. The upgrade process involves essential steps such as software download, installation, configuration updates, and post-checks. Maintenance activities, including backup, recovery, administration, and patching, are also highlighted. Oracle TimesTen offers faster response times and high throughput, while Oracle Analytics Server modernizes analytics with AI-powered insights and a user-friendly experience. BCS demonstrated the benefits of this upgrade with demonstrated successful implementation for a government client in the health space. 

Problem Summary:  

Below are the reasons for Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database and Oracle Analytics Server Upgrade: 

Production TimesTen continue to have database invalidation issues and crash. 

The end of error correction for Oracle Analytics Server 5.5.0 version was March 2022, and Oracle Analytics Server 5.5.0 is incompatible with the latest version of TimesTen 22.1.x 


A solution to TimesTen Database invalidation and crashes is to upgrade TimesTen to latest version 22.1.x, as well as upgrade Oracle Analytics Server from 5.5.0 to 6.4.0 in order to support latest TimesTen version 22.1.x and ensure premier support and to take advantage of the latest features. 

Following are the high-level steps undertaken for upgrade: 

Oracle TimesTen In Memory Database 

  • Download and stage TimesTen software. 
  • Graceful shutdown of TimesTen 11g 
  • Prepare server for Oracle TimesTen installation. 
  • Install TimesTen 22.1.x software. 
  • Create Oracle TimesTen Instance tt221 and Create Oracle Database  
  • Update config files. 
  • Start TimesTen Full Data Load  
  • Perform post checks.
  • Run ETL refresh and Incremental loads. 
  • Perform Post Refresh Test 
Oracle Analytics Server 
  • Download and stage OAS software and prepare server for OAS upgrade. 
  • Install the FMW Infrastructure ( and Oracle Analytics 6.4.0 
  • Run Upgrade Assistant in Readiness Mode and Review Readiness Report 
  • Shutdown Oracle Analytics Server 5.5 and take a backup of domain. 
  • Upgrade Product Schemas and Reconfigure Domain configuration. 
  • Upgrade Domain components 
  • Start the Oracle Analytics 6.4.0 Services 
  • Perform post checks. 
Maintenance activities: 
  • TimesTen Install, Upgrade, migrate. 
  • TimesTen backup and recovery 
  • TimesTen Administration and patching 
  • Oracle Analytics & its components Lifecyle management (start/stop/status) using scripts and consoles. 
  • Oracle Analytics and underlying Fusion middleware, Database administration, maintenance, and patching 
  • Oracle Analytics snapshots, backups, and recovery 
  • Quarterly CPU patch review, plan and deploy. 
  • Oracle Analytics Install, Upgrade, migrate and integrate. 
Benefits of Oracle TimesTen In Memory Database: 
  • Oracle TimesTen In Memory Database is a memory-optimized relational database that provides applications with extremely fast response time and very high throughput. 
  • TimesTen databases reside entirely in physical memory with persistence to disk storage for recoverability. 
  • Oracle TimesTen databases durability is achieved through a combination of transaction logging and database checkpointing to disk. 
  • Applications access TimesTen databases using standard SQL and PL/SQL via JDBC, ODBC
Benefits of Oracle Analytics Server: 
  • Oracle Analytics Server enables customers to modernize their analytics while having the flexibility to move to the cloud at their own pace. 
  • Leverage AI-powered augmented analytics for machine learning assisted data enrichment and analysis. 
  • Experience self-service data visualization and a modern analytics user experience.
  • Drive innovation; explore and discover new insights by combining structured and unstructured data. 
  • Get faster time to insights with Explain, an AI engine that uses machine learning to show correlations, distributions, and segmentation in data.
Success Story: 

BCS has assisted the customer in upgrading TimesTen and Oracle Analytics Server to the latest version, it was an exciting and challenging experience, as well as a valuable learning experience. With proper planning and testing in the lower environments DEV and TEST, we discovered and resolved a wide variety of issues, which enabled us to transition smoothly into production for TimesTen 22.1.x and Oracle Analytics Server 6.4.0. 

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