Oracle 23c is live. Here’s what you need to know.

Oracle Database 23c delivers the most complete and simple converged database for developers looking to build new microservice, graph, document, and relational applications.
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Picture of Written by Brad Smith

Written by Brad Smith

Client Delivery Lead for Oracle at Blue Crystal Solutions

Oracle 23C NEw FEatures and ORacle 19c updates

At Oracle CloudWorld recently, it was announced that Oracle 23c is live. And here’s what we think you’d want to know.

Oracle Database 23c delivers the most complete and simple converged database for developers looking to build new microservice, graph, document, and relational applications.

Key Verison takeaways:

Oracle 23c:
  • Available currently in OCI Base Database Service and will become available on other platforms sometime during 1st Half 2024.
  • A free version with limited features “Oracle Database 23c free“ is also available here to provide native support for all modern data types, analytics, and development paradigms, this version is a great place to get started for anyone involved with databases.
  • This new version has a big focus on developers with a long-term release scheduled from 2023 until 2029 with Premier support, with extended support needed until to 2032.
Oracle 19c
New features of Oracle 23c

Over 300 new features in 23c plus new features added for Oracle 21c which was an Innovation Release. And we’ve complied a list of some of the new features to look forward to using in 23c:

  1. Application Development enhancements such as:
  • JSON enhancements
  • Direct joins from update and delete statements
  • If (NOT) exists syntax support
  • New Database role for application developers
  • Increased maximum size of inline lobs of 8000 bytes
  • Operational Property graphs
  • Developer role
  • Tables can have up to 4096 columns
  1. Improved Machine Learning Algorithms
  2. Azure Integration
  3. Real-Time SQL Monitoring enhancements
  4. Database Security: SQL Firewall to Prevent SQL injection attacks
  5. Oracle True Cache
  6. Read-Only Per-PDB Standby

In addition to this, we’ve also put together a resource of handy links for you below. For more information, please contact us

Understanding Oracle Support Tiers

Software support contracts are an integral part of the modern IT landscape. They ensure that your customized, paid-for software continues to function smoothly and securely. However, over time, the value of these contracts can diminish as vendors cut back on support services while increasing fees.

Oracle offers three levels of support, each with its own set of features. Learn more about Oracle’s support tiers.

Learn More.

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