Meet our newest graduate – Michael

The graduate program we offer at BCS, is part of our commitment to accelerating the local technology sector’s growth. Our structured program provides successful graduates with a fantastic opportunity to seamlessly transition from university into the work force under the expert guidance of experienced mentors. Recently we engaged Michael Zavos, a near graduate from the University of Adelaide studying a bachelor computer science. BCS is growing faster than ever before, to keep up with our demand, we have looked to hire the most capable team, this includes the best graduates. This has now led to a part time graduate position here at (BCS) for Michael, with his full-time position starting upon completion of his studies in July. His role will focus on being an integral cog in the BCS tech machine, more specifically Michael will be working on the Bluediamond3 team, our newest proactive data monitoring tool.

He documents his excitement below:

Why did you choose to work with BCS?

“The team at BCS is growing strongly and it showed to be a great environment for me to begin my career as a software developer. I appreciate that fact that BCS is a local company, with a local owner, staff, and a central office location.”

What do you hope to gain from your future career with BCS?

“I hope that I can have a successful career with BCS and gain some valuable experience, knowledge, and skills in software development while developing connections throughout the company and field.”


Thank you Michael, and welcome to the team!


If there’s ever an opportunity for us to support any graduates or early career IT, technology and any other aspects of the business, such as corporate, we’d love for you to contact us.

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