AWS Partner Gameday – March 2022

Last week, a few of BCS’ finest tech geniuses created a team and entered the AWS Partner gameday. AWS GameDay is a gamified, risk-free learning experience that tests AWS solutions on real-world problems. Our technical professionals were able to explore AWS services, architecture patterns, best practices, and group collaboration in this hands-on workshop. The BCS team entered the game under the name “Blue Unicorn” – an ode to the gamified scenario and Blue Crystal Solutions.

The fictitious scenario considered Unicorn rentals, a fictional company providing mythical creatures that acquired as a live eCommerce site. The data centre lease for the current site was about to expire, and the site needs to be moved immediately. At the same time, increased traffic to the website is expected due to a scheduled marketing campaign.

The Blue unicorn team had three hours, competing against 11 other AWS partners, to fully migrate the ecommerce site with no downtime, maintaining all transactions while simultaneously scaling the site to accommodate the increased traffic with no additional aiding documentation.

Points were won for every server migrated, and for tasks completed. Points were lost if targets were not reached such as website traffic not being served.

The team was successful in migrating the site with change data capture in place. This AWS partner game day was a great opportunity to develop the BCS team’s AWS knowledge, skills and performance in a high stress environment. BCS is always looking to improve and grow our capabilities to stay forefront of database, cloud, and infrastructure developments. A big thank you, to Amazon Web Services for the opportunity to participate in this game, the team had a great time, and we are looking forward to the next AWS partner game day in May.

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For those of you in Adelaide who were unable to experience AWS re:Invent Event held in Las Vegas this year, we’re bringing the event to you in Adelaide as an offical sponsor.

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