Blue Crystal Solutions wins a scholarship at the SA Impact Awards​

Blue Crystal Solutions had the honour of being a finalist in the The Impact Awards 2023 and were lucky enough to walk away with a Business Growth Scholarship from the Australian Centre for Business Growth, University of South Australia.
impact awards 2023

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN Impact Awards 2023

Blue Crystal Solutions had the honour of being a finalist in the The Impact Awards 2023 and were lucky enough to walk away with a Business Growth Scholarship from the Australian Centre for Business Growth, University of South Australia. 

This scholarship is a testament to our commitment to excellence and compliments our next steps into National and Global markets. 

It’s taken every win, twist and turn, and every staff member, client, and all the others that supported us along the way to turn BCS into what it is today.” says Vito Rinaldi, Managing Director, Blue Crystal Solutions 

“Our position as one of the 5 finalists would not have been possible without passion, creativity, and expertise of our team. The people that make up our community are the driving force that propels BCS forward, and I’m truly thankful for you all.” Rinaldi said. 

For BCS, economic growth goes beyond numbers on a balance sheet. It’s about creating opportunities, empowering individuals, and making a positive impact on society. BCS will always be committed to investing in our community, nurturing talent, and supporting initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion within the tech sector and STEM verticals. 

The incredible potential that the IT sector holds for our region and beyond is limitless and we’re so thankful to now have access to even more expertise to navigate this exciting future. 

BCS was one of five finalists alongside Fleet Space Technologies, Kojo, MyVenue and Bespoke Aluminium. 

impact awards 2023

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We are a specialised supplier of Cloud, Application, Database & Infrastructure, Operating System Management, Modernisation and Transformation services. With security at the forefront of everything we do, we can also work with your cyber teams to significantly improve your security posture whilst ensuring all your services with us are fortified by our integrated outage protection and 24×7 monitoring tool, BlueDiamond

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