Adobe Flash De-Support And Impact On Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)

The end of life of Adobe Flash has been well advertised for 31 December 2020.  Not only is Adobe discontinuing Flash, but Flash based content will be blocked from running in Flash Player after that date.  So, it is not adequate to simply leave your Flash based systems at older versions after the EOL date.

The impact of Flash on Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) is detailed in Oracle support documents:

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) in its Cloud Control and Database Control iterations has used Flash to display the dynamic performance pages (performance home, top activity, real-time SQL monitoring etc). If you have Diagnostic and Tuning Packs available, then the corresponding OEM functionality will stop working when Flash goes end of life.

To retain functionality, it will be necessary to install or upgrade to Cloud Control to OEM 13.4 RU 7. While there is some functionality that is replaced from 13.3, 13.4 RU7 completely replaces Flash functionality with Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET).

EM Express, the standalone version of OEM for single databases will similarly need to be upgraded.  If your database is below the version required to replace Flash functionality then you will have to upgrade the database and its EM Express version to access performance pages.

Legacy Database Support

If you have databases and use Database Control (DB Console) then the only options are to:

  • Install a Cloud Control system at the latest version and monitor the database from there. OEM 13.4 is certified to manage databases back as far as
  • Use SQL Developer Web
  • Use SQL Developer, noting that the dynamic pages detailed below are not available from this console
Performance Hub

The Advisor Webcast listed above provides details on the reorganisation and new functions of the performance pages via the Performance Hub in the newest versions of OEM.

Non-OEM Options

While OEM is the best tool to review up to date information via Top Activity (now ASH Analytics) and Performance Home, there are other tools available that will provide information if you have the diagnostic pack available.

SQL Developer provides diagnostic tools including:

  • Dynamic generation of AWR and ADDM reports
  • ASH details
  • Waits for the past hour
  • Sessions by status (active/inactive), counts, etc, and
  • Top SQL by CPU, Disk, Executions, Waits
  • Real time SQL monitoring

A very limited sub-set of these is available (particularly Waits for the past 1 hour) without the diagnostic pack license, but most of the others interact with AWR.

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