Meet Ilyaas, our latest Graduate Program Member

As a part of our passion to accelerate the local technology sector’s growth, we offer a graduate program. Our structured program provides successful graduates with a fantastic opportunity to seamlessly transition from university into the work force under the expert guidance of experienced mentors. Recently we engaged Ilyaas Inglis, a graduate from the University of Adelaide who has just finished his Marketing Degree. With an interest in exploring all industries as he starts his career, Ilyaas immediately hit the ground running through a work experience program which has now led to a permanent graduate position at Blue Crystal Solutions (BCS).

His role will focus on putting a spotlight on the innovative IT solutions our great clients enable us to deliver.

He documents his experience below:

Why did you choose to work experience with BCS?

I initially met Vito Rinaldi through my boxing club, I was finishing university and was keeping an eye out for opportunities to begin my career. We got to talking and upon hearing about me and knowing me from the club he offered me some work experience.

What’s been your favourite experience with us?

Upon joining BCS, I have been showed through all of the relevant areas of my field of marketing. Perhaps the most exciting field, advertising, has been my favourite experience so far. Filming client testimonials involved on set shooting. This field trip was thoroughly enjoyable for me and was my favourite part of my work experience.

One thing that you’ve experienced about the working world at BCS that you weren’t expecting?

One experience I was not expecting was the ease I felt making connection with all of the other staff. Everyone is extremely welcoming, and I feel like I fit it straight away. While all connections take time to develop, the professional relationships and friendships I have made after only a few days says a lot about the working culture of BCS.

What do you hope to gain from your future career with BCS?

From my future career with BCS I am really looking to grow personally as the company grows as well as build the foundation of my skillset and expertise within a professional environment.

If there’s ever an opportunity for us to support any graduates or early career IT, technology and any other aspects of the business, such as Marketing and Sales, we’d love for you to connect us.

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