Innovate WA and the public sector’s IT challenges

Blue Crystal Solutions was a proud sponsor at Innovate WA, a public sector event with a digital transformation and IT challenges focus, that was held at Crown Resort, Perth on 15 February 2023. Having recently established a presence in WA, it was an excellent opportunity to represent the BCS brand and capabilities. We also gained a further understanding of the current state of the WA Public Sector and their community and business challenges.

The event offered great insight into WA’s digital Government’s roadmap, priorities, and initiatives. As presented by Greg Italiano, CIO, Office of Digital Government WA – delivering convenient, smart, and secure services for all Western Australians. His strategy for this revolved around Accountability, Collaboration, and Governance, all backed by The Digital Capability Fund. The Digital Capability Fund is a $900m budget spend aimed at:

  • Accelerating the delivery and support of digital foundations
  • Driving Service Delivery Reform
  • Upgrading legacy ICT Systems

WA Government has already demonstrated several achievements against their digital roadmap including:

  • ServiceWA App – a platform to digitally deliver several government services to western Australians
  • Data Hub – the first central, whole-of-government, data sharing and analytics function in WA
  • State Cyber Security Operations Centre

A particular interest to BCS, the near-future Digital Government roadmap plans to focus on:

  • Privacy and Responsible Information-Sharing Legislation
  • Digital Inclusion Partnership Framework
  • State Hazard Plan for Cyber Security
  • ServiceWA Business portal
  • PeopleWA data linkage
  • Life Events – a portal that will simplify the access and process of government support for Western Australians through major milestones of their lives.

With 18+ years of servicing the business challenges of the Public Sector, our longevity in the market is reflected in our intimate understanding of the history and unique needs of the Government. This means we understand how government policies need to be implemented as well as the regulatory and privacy requirements to protect data and information. Now more than ever, we’re helping agencies on their digital transformation journey toward cloud adoption. Our cloud-managed services expertise ranges from the architecting and migrating of ICT workloads to the re-architecting or repurposing of legacy applications. Known for our database expertise, we can also help store and manage critical business data in the best environments. This combined with our local team, positions us perfectly to bring value to WA’s Digital Transformation vision and execution.

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For those of you in Adelaide who were unable to experience AWS re:Invent Event held in Las Vegas this year, we’re bringing the event to you in Adelaide as an offical sponsor.

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