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Holiday season is rapidly approaching and even your Database Administrator deserves a holiday. Many companies close for Christmas, however, some functions continue working through holidays and databases need to be looked after. If you have a service disruption who will be responsible for looking after your critical databases? This can be a serious risk to your business operations if you do not have a trusted backup policy in place. There is no better opportunity than now to have an expert set of eyes look over your database environments and identify improvements to streamline your operations for the new year.

Blue Lagoon Services
  • Back fill/Ad-Hoc Database Support
  • Database Health Checks
  • Performance Tuning
  • Remediation

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Efficient database management is not just about storing and retrieving information; it's a strategic asset that, when harnessed correctly, can propel an organisation towards sustainable growth.

For those of you in Adelaide who were unable to experience AWS re:Invent Event held in Las Vegas this year, we’re bringing the event to you in Adelaide as an offical sponsor.

In the evolving world of technology, organisations, from large businesses to national government bodies, seek partners that provide reliable and innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and productivity. A standout in this sphere, Blue Crystal Solutions, headquartered in Adelaide with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth, offers precisely such expertise. Here’s how they stand tall in cloud consulting and beyond.

Blue Crystal Solutions: your trusted & innovative IT partner.

Australian owned and operated since 2004, we provide information technology services locally, nationally and beyond.

We are a specialised supplier of Cloud, Application, Database & Infrastructure, Operating System Management, Modernisation and Transformation services. With security at the forefront of everything we do, all your services are fortified by our integrated outage protection  and monitoring tool, BlueDiamond

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