AIIA Sundowner Event at Blue Crystal Solutions

Action Plan for IT and Cyber Security Apprenticeships within the SA Tech Sector

As part of the “Skilling South Australia” initiative run by the State Government, Blue Crystal Solutions (BCS) were chosen to host the October Sundowner Networking event run by the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA). The topics of discussion for the event included Cyber security and traineeships & apprenticeships in SA, specifically what is being done in South Australia to address the growing demand for cyber security skills within South Australian Businesses. The guest speaker for the night was The Hon. David Pisoni – Minister for Industry and Skills.

Minister for Industry and Skills, the Hon. David Pisoni MP with Blue Crystal Solutions Managing Director, Vito Rinaldi

As Minister for Industry and Skills, David is focused on delivering the commitment to create new apprenticeships and traineeships and developing a comprehensive Defence Workforce Plan.

The presentation delivered by the Minister discussed a target of 2,800 new jobs by the year 2023 and an anticipated $203m investment in skills and training in SA. To make sure the state is able to deliver on the new jobs target the aim is to create 20,800 new apprenticeships and traineeships with the introduction of a new training course Certificate IV in Cyber Security.


Jobs Growth by Job Role
Skills and Training Investment



New Traineeships
Lot Fourteen Innovation Hub


It is important for us to recognise that there is a growing demand nationally and within South Australia for specific skill sets within cyber security. Recent events relating to the way companies hold personal data and the newly introduced GDRP regulation which dictates how companies handles their users data has highlighted the need for increased cyber security, visibility and safeguards in to the way companies store their personal/critical data.

According to Deloitte Access Economics’ report from June 2018, ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse 2018, there are an additional 11,000 new jobs in cyber security forecasted to be created over the next decade.

The new Cyber Security certification will take around two years to complete, with a starting salary of $36,000 per year. Experienced and qualified cyber security technicians can expect to earn between $90,000 and $120,000 per year.

Lot Fourteen which will be located at the site of the old RAH, will play host to a number of innovative initiatives similar to the Cybersecurity traineeship mentioned above.

Key Points
  • New Cyber Security traineeship will be introduced between 2018-2021
  • 11,000 new jobs in cyber security forecasted in the next 10 years
  • By 2023 SA expects to have created 2,800 new ICT related jobs
  • The state government will invest $203m in to skills and training in SA
  • 20,800 new apprenticeships and traineeships



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