Automating patient billing with Oracle services to save $1.4m annually for​ Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

BCS implemented a fully automated and integrated PowerBilling RevenueCollection (PBRC) solutions to help Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre eliminate rejected claims and delayed or uncollected payments - at a cost saving of $1.4m annually.
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Blue Crystal Solutions (BCS), an experienced PowerHealth partner, helped Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre replace its five aging and manual billing systems with a fully automated and integrated solution for their Health Pathology Care billing. 

The Challenge

The public health sector has been under relentless pressure to reduce costs year on year, whilst demand for improved quality and services to the public has increased. The challenge for Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre was to keep making improvements to the efficiency of their business in order to remain competitive whilst continuing to provide an affordable and sustainable service.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre identified significant improvements and savings that could be made by replacing their manual billing with PowerBilling and RevenueCollection (PBRC), an automated enterprise healthcare billing solution from PowerHealth.

PBRC is an enterprise-level patient billing system specifically designed for the healthcare industry. It connects to existing operational systems, gathering service data to support real-time hospital billing, therefore automating the billing process.

As well as significant efficiency improvements, the automated billing solution would allow Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre to recover lost revenues that would directly improve their ability to continue to provide a quality service to the public.

Meeting the challenge

BCS was engaged by Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre to provide Oracle architecture and implement a Oracle database environment to support PBRC.

BCS performed the initial design, testing and setup of the Oracle database environment using advanced failover features combining Oracle Servers thus providing a stable and robust platform for 24×7 support of their new billing systems.

In addition, BCS provided support to the project team for the duration of the implementation and was selected to provide ongoing post go-live support services for the PBRC utilising BlueDiamond, a specialised and proven monitoring tool developed by BCS to enable a personalised, cost-effective premium support service.

The Benefits

This move to an automated and integrated system has set them to recover an estimated $1.4 million per annum in rejected claims and delayed or uncollected payments.

In addition to this, they benefited from:

  • Improved efficiency and reliability underpinned by a highly available architecture.
  • Reduced operational costs through automated enterprise billing capability.
  • Prompt billing for services, reducing the inpatient submission-to-recovery period.
  • Improved revenue collection due to a fully integrated billing solution.
  • Peace of mind with dedicated, cost-effective Oracle support and monitoring of the billing system on a 24×7 basis.

Transforming Patient Billing Software with PowerHealth Solutions.

Blue Crystal Solutions have long been working with PowerHealth Solutions, an Australian software development company specialising in activity-based costing, hospital billing, and patient safety solutions for healthcare organisations.

Our collaboration has elevated the Oracle database services available to healthcare clients through their renowned PowerBilling & Revenue Collection (PBRC) enterprise billing system. With PBRC implemented, manual handling of patient billing systems becomes autonomous. And the benefits are immediately felt.

Our expertise in application and database consultancy, management, and administration uniquely positions us to deliver tailored Oracle database services to PowerHealth Solutions’ customer base. We can support in-house IT teams, particularly during the implementation phase of the PBRC system, providing Oracle database management services.

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