Optimising an ICT infrastructure footprint with Primesize data informed reporting

Working with our partners, Advara, on a project for their client, Landgate, we helped optimise Landgate's ICT infrastructure footprint with a long-term preference for a full public cloud capability while addressing competing priorities, including value for money and legacy application issues.


Advara worked with its client, Landgate, to optimise its ICT infrastructure footprint with a long-term preference for a full public cloud capability while addressing competing priorities, including value for money and legacy application issues. 

Public clouds are services owned and operated by a third party and are the most common type of cloud choice. 

Advara engaged Blue Crystal Solutions (BCS) to undertake an analysis of the available options for Oracle, including AWS EC2 and Oracle on VMware cloud on AWS. They wanted an independent partner with experience in both Oracle and AWS to undertake the study and provide options for a solution that was focused on reducing costs.

BCS were able to analyse the various options quickly using it’s Primesize insights toolset and provide recommendations and an indepth risk analysis which considered multiple complex technology layers such as I/O, memory, licensing and storage.

BCS used its innovative Primesize product coupled with extensive experience in Oracle, AWS and complex architectures to deliver an outcome which exceeded expectations. BCS leveraged its unique advantage of having specialised skills and a technology independent viewpoint across multiple platforms to deliver an outcome within 4 weeks instead of the expected 3-6 months.

BCS were able to adapt to changing project requirements and worked effectively with multiple vendors.

The Challenge

Advara were seeking an independent consultancy who would provide an unbiased and thorough review of their business objectives. There were numerous options that required a detailed understanding of complex licensing implications, performance and scalability considerations. Landgate were faced with a critical shortterm deadline to vacate an existing on-premise data centre balanced with meeting a long-term strategy of using public cloud while ensuring costs were minimised. If Landgate had attempted the same exercise internally it would have most likely taken months to complete. Considerable effort would have been necessary internally to accurately predict the costs/risks involved for such a complex enterprise environment. These skills were not present in house.

There are a variety of infrastructure & cloud options available to companies, each requiring a high level of understanding around licensing when considering a migration, furthermore the need for assistance in navigating through the complex cloud infrastructure landscape is ever increasing. The time constraints meant Landgate would require a highly automated and accurate assessment of huge amounts of data which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, given the time frame. 

“BCS’s deep experience in Oracle optimisation ensured we were able to get to a preferred option in the shortest possible timeframe with lowest risk.”
Mike Bradford
Chief Executive Officer, Advara


  • Identified meaningful insights and key recommendations which enabled the move to a preferred
    future state.
  • Advara was able to get their preferred option in the shortest possible timeframe with lowest risk.
  • Avoided unnecessary budget spend on pursuing costly alternatives.

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