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Demystifying AWS Cost Optimisation Tools and the Strategies You Should Action for Maximum Cloud Efficiency

Join us as we explore the benefits of cloud services and cost optimisation for effective cost control in your AWS environment, paving the way for unprecedented growth and success.

  • Actionable strategies for efficient cloud investment.
  • Understand AWS’s pricing model
  • Learn the intricacies of AWS.

7 Expert Tips When Considering a Move to Cloud

Watch the webinar hosted by Michael Kubik as he guides you through insightful tips for a successful journey toward cloud adoption.

  • Navigating Your Cloud Adoption with Confidence
  • Developing a Clear Cloud Strategy
  • Selecting the Right Cloud Model

Seamless Operations: Zero Downtime Oracle Grid Infrastructure Patching

At Blue Crystal Solutions, we'll take you through a journey of seamless operations with a focus on "Zero Downtime Oracle Grid Infrastructure Patching" where we explore strategies to enhance system reliability and minimise disruptions in critical Oracle environments.

  • Traditional Patching Methods
  • Oracle Grid Patching
  • Read Only Oracle Home

Seamless Operations Guide

Zero Downtime Oracle Grid Infrastructure Patching and Read-Only Home

  • Exploring Traditional Patching Methods
  • Learn about Oracle Grid Patching
  • Leveraging Read Only Oracle Home
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