Oracle and Enters Sustaining Support July 2019



On December 31st 2018 Oracle will transition from ‘Waived Fee’ Extended Support to Sustaining Support.

On July 31st 2019, Oracle will transition from ‘Waived Fee’ Extended Support to Sustaining Support.

Before then you should upgrade your Oracle Databases to 19c.

Oracle Database Roadmap

Why is Oracle doing this?

Oracle offers Premier Support for its software products for a defined period, typically 5 years from the first product release.

Once Premier Support ends, Extended Support is available for customers who wish to retain Premier-like support at an additional maintenance cost.

Oracle have recently offered Waived Fee Extended Support for database version until EO 2018 and for until mid-2019.

Once Waived Fee Extended Support (or Premier Support where there is no Waived Fee Extended Support) ends, then the product enters Sustaining Support.

Sustaining Support is a lifetime support level available for as long as Oracle customers continue to pay support fees are paid.  This ensures that Oracle will always respond to some extent and that products are never actually desupported.

For more information on support levels access Oracle Support Software Policies Document.

What does this mean?

Entering Sustaining Support has some immediate impacts on the viability of the product. Under Sustaining Support Oracle will not:

  • Investigate new bugs,
  • Release quarterly security patches and bug-fixes,
  • Certify the product with new OS releases, or
  • Guarantee familiarity of support staff if/when you need support.

This could impact the supportability of your database and BCS recommends remaining within Premier Support where possible.

BCS first objective is to drive awareness around Oracle Database and transition to Sustaining Support and to offer a fully supported upgrade for Find out more about our Database Services here.

Can I continue using Oracle Database or to support my applications?

It is highly unadvisable to continue running applications with an Oracle Database that is in Sustaining Support. Apart from the security and compliance aspect here are some of the business drivers to upgrade to the latest versions:

  • Performance slowdowns & availability/uptime requirements
  • Need better reporting and Business Intelligence capabilities
  • Impact on security and compliance
  • Cloud strategy

What are the major reasons to upgrade?

  • Security fixes and reduced vulnerabilities
  • Reduced risk
  • Enhanced features
  • Resolved glitches and bugs


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