Concierge Services

The majority of IT service vendors provide general support & monitoring for their clients; however, they often leave much to be desired when it comes to niche database expertise. As a result, you can often find yourself with a skills gap when it comes to support & monitoring capabilities within your environments

Concierge service enables you to leverage proven expertise and technical skills to fill resource gaps or alternatively act as a backup monitoring service for unexpected database, operating system & application specific events.

Minimise your business risk and utilize concierge as a backup solution, should your current service provider be unavailable or not have the resources/skills to resolve your issues.

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Concierge Service Options



BCS will provide trusted technical guidance on strategy, architecture, performance issues or general technical advice utilising high end experienced consultants to complement your BAU services.


Non-intrusive, passive BlueDiamond monitoring designed to provide you with a monthly reconciliation of alerts against your current service provider or in-house monitoring, offering an added layer of risk mitigation for your business-critical systems.


Non-intrusive, proactive BlueDiamond monitoring designed to complement your current service provider or in-house monitoring. Insurance policy for your most critical systems to give you peace of mind knowing that business risk is minimised.

Concierge Service Options


  • Expert consultation service:
    • Architecture
    • Performance
    • Tuning
  • 24×7 monitoring using our inhouse BlueDiamond monitoring tool (Passive or Active)
  • Notification of critical alerts
  • Monthly summary report of all alerts raised
  • Contingency for existing monitoring service